Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Life Plan

In hopes of living to be 100 (or at the very least, to be 99 years old), I made a 25 year plan for myself in the fall.

The first five years of my plan was pretty easy -- one of the items being that I want to take a couple of film classes every semester at the university.  I couldn't be sure if I was doing this because I really wanted to, or because I want to torture Rebecca, who would like to spend the rest of her life taking film courses.

At any rate, I signed up for a class called Terrence Malik as Auteur.

image from  Terrence Malik's The New World
Sad to say, I didn't even know this director nor had I seen any of the five films he has done:  The Tree of Life (2011), Badlands, The New World (2005), Days of Heaven (1978) and The Thin Red Line.

And even worse, I didn't even find one minute to taunt Rebecca with all of the joy I was finding in the lectures and viewings.

I guess I will have to call that class a bust, though I wouldn't have missed it for anything.


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