Friday, February 20, 2015

The 100 Yen Store

Hello from Japan,

We are putting kids to bed and then getting ready to go see the Snow Monkeys. It will be a long day. The children are usually asleep when we arrive home, the two oldest in the strollers and Parker in the carrier on Desiree’s chest.

 I love pushing one of the strollers. It is my walker!

The Japanese people are so kind and many of them offer us help when they see our confused looks.

Yeah for us.

We are enjoying Japan and thank goodness we have two strollers to carry all of our things.

The 100 yen store is totally awesome. The largest dollar store I have ever seen.

I was hoping to get some of those most delicious real Japanese oranges but they are not as inexpensive here as I thought they would be.



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