Saturday, February 21, 2015

To Nagano

We went 306 km. to Nagano and beyond today and the same distance again on the way back.

The approx. 1 1/2 km. hike in and back was amazing.

The trail was small and many people were there.

Those monkeys come right up to you.

One of them jumped towards Celeste hissing at her.

Her mother jumped in between them and then the monkey tried to go around Desiree to see Celeste.

 Desiree just kept in between them and finally that monkey took a swipe at Desiree’s pant leg to show it’s displeasure at her interference.

There was so much snow.

This is the monkey that jumped at Celeste.
Nagano was a beautiful place to hold the Olympics I think in 1998, was it?

The morning comes early and again, remember how much walking we all did in England?

Well it is the same here.

Church is on three different floors of a high rise and it takes 30 minutes to walk there.


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  1. love the photos.... of the group of you monkeying around!