Monday, February 23, 2015

Today I ate a chicken bone

Oddly, my colleague had a few in her candy bowl.

When was the last time you ate a chicken bone?

I  mean the pink cinnamon flavored ones with chocolate in the middle.  Weird.  Only a Canadian could have come up with that!

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  1. Moiya, Wyona, Bonnie and I went to Moiya's to play bridge one night. Moiya brought out the Chicken Bones, so within the last month, all of us have had one of those confections, pink sugar chards that leave little cuts on your tongues if you suck them too long, making hour way to the chocolate centre.

    The next day we took a trip to Salmon Arm to the Bulk Barn to buy more. There were none to be seen. Moiya asked where they had gone.

    "In the dumpster!"


    We would have taken them all.

    I can tell you the canides that my dad might have in his pocket: Chicken Bones, Licorice Allsorts (also known as Sheep), Sen-Sen, a whte candy with an almond in the middle (I don't have a name for that one).

    I would also find a large chocolate bar under his pillow in the morning, if I went in to make the bed for mother and him. That large size bar would be Fruit and Nut.

    I wonder if my kids will ever remember where I hid my candy stash and what was in it. If Chicken Bones were there, it would be because I was paying homage to Doral.