Friday, February 6, 2015


"I will now begin to get your attention."
"Do you mind what the kids call you?"

I thought that was a strange question from Richard.

"No.  I am fine with whatever you want your kids to call me."

"Oh, it is not that.  They already have a name for you.  They call Miranda's mother, Grandma Joan.  But lately they have been calling your Erta.  Miranda just wondered how you are going to feel about that."

I began to listen to the kids.

It was Alice who started the new pronunciation of my name.

Not just saying it once, but many times.

Over and over, again and again, Erta, Erta, Erta, Erta ... maybe 15 times -- just calling and calling, not even breathing in between iterations of the word.  She is so loud that no one else in the room can see or think.

"Got it!"
She stops when I give her eye contact.

She has nothing more to say.

I get a huge smile.

Why would I want to change a one-time chance to get a new name, said a zillion times?



  1. Those are perfect photos! Cute. Cute. Cute. And what's better than cute? Clever!

  2. So, so smart. And those gorgeous eyes from Richard. Are those grandpa Doral's eyes Arta? Trell has them too.

  3. Re the blue eyes -- yes, blue eyes belonged to Grandpa Doral.

    Here is a true story. Darla used to ask Doral where she got her blue eyes from. He told he that she got one of his and he got one of hers.

    I heard her say a zillion times that she believed that story for a long time.

    Heartbreaking, isn't it, when any myth is smashed.