Tuesday, February 17, 2015


From Bonnie:

Yes, my life resembles the chaos of the universe.

David and I used our mantra tonight - "aesthetic and ritual".

We put the groceries away together.

We did the evening snack dishes together.

We did the loading of the laundry machine together.

The house looks great. David concurs - "I do think it looks better".

"getting a bead on a marble I want to win"
We also studied the lunch options for tomorrow together: salami sausage sticks, cheese sticks, yogurt, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples.

He was given the task at the store to choose things he would be sure to eat in his lunch.

I tried not to blink at the things out of season, the 30 salami sticks he may not eat.

Now, he is putting away his iPad and we are going to have a game of marbles to wind down.

Today was filled with Karate, Nerf Guns Wars, Hot Pools ... oh, he has changed his mind to a Labyrinth board game.

Could life be better?

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