Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day to you

LtoR: Amy Duong, Arta Johnson, unknown , Chris

When I opened the door to go into the TD Canada Trust Bank this morning I noticed a cupid motif on the door and hanging garlands of hearts.

"Who did all of this decorating?"

"Me," said Amy Duong, "and since you are the first customer this morning you have a chance to have your picture taken with all of the staff."

So here we are -- Happy Valentines Day from me and the 8 o'clock am staff at TD.

I couldn't have started the day in a better way.

Last night Kelvin bought home orchids for me.

This morning Michael delivered a valentine to me -- the print of his 3 year old left hand in red and then shaped into a flower.

This day has already delivered in spades ... but that would that be "delivered in hearts".

Then Richard brought out his morning shooting targets for me to see.  Instead of our 6 am early morning walk, he went out to do some practise shooting.  I tried to get one of the target practise sheets off of him to put up on the wall beside Michael's valentine to me.  I couldn't get it off of Richard.  Too valuable.  It was going in his target practise binder.

Had I thought ahead, I might have gone with him to see what the experience is that makes it so valuable that he wouldn't even give me just that one piece of paper.

Love to all,


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