Sunday, February 15, 2015

James Despot

From Janet:

a cliff, a bay of water and
there could be a fish
right around the next corner.
Shuswap's best friend and neighbor passed away yesterday.

James Despot had heart surgery last summer and he never really recovered.

He fought a strong battle.

He had a couple of heart attacks that we knew of over the years.

Doral enjoyed fishing with Ray and James and they would often get together and discuss their catches and tactics. James was a great school teacher, administrator and  Superintendent of the Board in Ashcroft.

He was a great counsellor. James had a very soothing fatherly/big brother manner. He would speak his mind, though, and let you know if he thought you were in the wrong. People gravitated to James. If there is one person that all of the Annis Bay residents/part-time residents knew, it was James.

Ashcroft, Annis Bay and I suspect Kamloops (where he and Yvonne were living) will miss him.

For Glen and I as well as our children, I have to say it is like losing a family member. For me personally, since I was 19, the Roger’s have always been there. Even with only getting together on an average of twice a year – they are always supposed to be there. Caring and fun to be around – great hosts – knew how to have a good time.

Easter as well as New Year are always set aside and worked into our calendar to get together and catch up. Never enough time but enough time to affirm the tie between us. I will not forget him and in fact I now add him to my thoughts on Valentine’s Day along with my Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary.

To you, my family, I leave you with a couple of thoughts from James. He and Yvonne would often talk to us about the past, the present and the future at the lovely Shuswap. Those visits with him were always rewarding and comforting.

In our Annis Bay Community we take efforts to hold strong for each other and to do what needs to be done for the good of all. I guess we can add all of Annis Bay will feel the loss of James.    

Glen commented this morning that our every day problems seem small compared to health and wellbeing.

Eat your veggies please.

Love Janet and Glen


  1. Thanks for this Janet. Lovely words. And yes, I will eat my veggies diligently until I can be back at Annis Bay and eat YOUR vegetables.

  2. Hearing that someone has passed on transfers me to a contemplative mood.

    In the case of hearing about the loss of James for the Despot Family, I was brought to reflect on the interactions I had with him over the years.

    Most of them were in his backyard as I would pass through on my way to the lake. I only went that way when I wanted to walk down the steep path by the culvert that takes the stream down the hill. As I would walk over the tracks and then by his house he would appear for a chat. Perhaps he had been by the shed, or around the corner of the house, or tending plants but he seemed to know when I as passing by and he would come out for a visit.

    The talk was always both cheerful and intellectually playful. He really love his interactions with people and would go out of his way to facilitate chat, to make it happen.

    I think this week, I will try to honour him by doing more of that myself.

    Thanks again, Janet, for telling us about his passing.