Monday, April 25, 2016


From Moiya:

Three days ago I saw a hummingbird come up to our back patio, so quickly found my feeders and filled them with food.

Now we get to see them regularly.


The sweet peas on the west end of our front steps; the ones I soaked came up 3 days ago and are growing fast.

I must secure the netting for them to grasp on to.

The sweet peas that I froze overnight to aid in cracking open the skin on the seed so that they will germinate faster, are now poping out of the ground too.

The gardener lady at Walmart told me it was an alternate way instead of soaking them.

Both ways work equally well

Freezing them however, makes it easier to plant them.  No wet seeds sticking to your gloves or the earth.

The wild ferns stems are rolling up towards the sky and are getting about knee height. There will be lots of fern ground cover on Pillings Road this year.

The fishermen’s boats are making their way out on to the lake.

 I don’t know if the fish are biting yet though.

Hopefully we will get our vegetable garden planted this week sometime.

We live in a beautiful place and we are happy to be here.



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