Monday, April 11, 2016

My Summer Plans

My major plan is just to get out to B.C.

If I could go today, then I would call that the start of my summer plans.

The last of my summer plans includes The Roots and Blues Festival in Salmon Arm which is  the 19th to 21st of August. People have been going for many years.  Rebecca buys all of the best CD’s and then we all put them on our laptops and listen to the music for the rest of the year.  

Duncan and Ben try to buy every kind of food that is offered at the kiosks there.  I like to sit by the CBC Blues Tent and just listen to the guitars for 2 days.

Will Rebecca be swept North and so be unable to come for the summer.  

Will her university get the bid for the new programme at Akitsiraq?  

If they do, will that change her summer plans?

Will she get any rest at the pottery wheel?  And is that the place for rest.  No.  That is the place people lug around clay, try different glazes, take care that the pots they have thrown don't crack.  Left alone with no responsibilities, potters will stay at the wheel from day break until long past sundown.  So don't come to the Shuswap for a rest if you are a potter.
... not exactly as illustrated ... this is only for 2 ...
 ... just to give you an idea of what summer can look like ...

I saw an 8 person tent for $169 at Costco, Rebecca.  I don’t think it would fit 8 people.  Just Rebecca. There was also a mat, easy blow-up and sides to contain you so that you don't roll off of the mat. 

That is all I looked at when I went to Costco today.  Oh yes, and the kayaks.  I will have to wait until all of my bills are paid before I look at them again. 

Maybe I will only have money left over for a lantern.

I would even like to buy that.



  1. The tent for two looks great. I need one for the beach, or maybe 4 of them for the beach. I think a taller one would be the best.

  2. You already have an eight person tent, the best one down at the beach when I was down there sleeping with the kids one year. Do you still have it?

    A treasure of a tent! I think it could even be split into 2 rooms.