Monday, April 25, 2016

Faith in God, Part II

The lighting on the counter didn't do justice
to the lovely gold sheen still on the medal.

You can see the masking tap from the back,
curling around to the front.
Since Rebecca asked to see this medal, both the front and the back of it, I went to retrieve it from Richard.

For some reason he told me it would not be available to me to photograph.

"There is nothing much I can do about this, " I thought, though I pleaded with him, "I tried to find an image of it on the internet and could not.  This must be an old, a very old programme, as old as you, and there is no way to document it now."

I don't think this was a compelling argument at all, though later Richard  brought it over, slapped it on the kitchen counter and left without saying a word. I am going to believe he was just busy with child care, since Betty was strapped to him, and that he wasn't mad at me.

The next morning Michael came over, spotted the bag of medals on my counter, grabbed then and began to return home.  "I have to take these back.  They are my dad's."

"Faith in
Maybe but it
doesn't feel
like it.:"
There went my chance to photograph them again.

Getting good pictures for a blog is not as easy as it seems.

I ran after him saying, "Yes, yes, they are your dad's.  I am just going to take one picture and then return them."

So here it is for your viewing pleasure, Rebecca, even though this is a medal that you never won.

As I was putting everything back in the bag to return it to Richard I found a medal that says: First Place Winner of the Paterson Medal for Sonnet Sequence under 16.

Do you want to see that one Rebecca, or is the Faith in God Medal enough?


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