Monday, April 18, 2016

Hamlet - coming up

Stratford's Hamlet
J. Kelly Nestruck writes a review of Hamlet in The Globe and Mail that I used as my starter for getting ready to see this show.

I get so excited about these things, even though the reviewer wasn't that impressed.  I even went out and read the comments to see that some were for the production and others could have easily passed it by.

I can't see it on Saturday, but I am hoping to get to it on the 28th when there is an Encore.

I confess to having seen the production where Cumberbach was Hamlet -- in fact I saw it twice it was so good.  I am only expecting something different this time -- neither better nor worse.



  1. I prefer Billy Elliot to Hamlet.

  2. I think that Billy Elliot and Hamlet have something in common. That would be that both are hard to understand -- Billy Elliot, the dialect; Hamlet the old English.

    The Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet was so good that I am afraid I am going to be disappointed. Why I am going is that it is from Stratford, Ontario. I have always wanted to go to the Stratford Festival and this is a good way to get there.

    Do you remember when we went to see King Lear with Janet Pilling? It was performed out in a farmer's field around Enderby. That performance had its own charm and I am hoping I will be able to say the same about this Hamlet.