Monday, April 18, 2016


Photo credit: Moiya Wood
Moiya's Flower Garden
My tulips are not like Moiya's.

Mine are a bust.

Though they were short stemmed, I was happy, thinking that at the very least I will get a bouquet of tulips out of them.

Yesterday morning I saw red blossoms spread like a carpet on the earth.  The tulip stems and leaves were in place, but the flowers were long gone.

I didn't know where to put the blame.

Photo credit: Moiya Wood
"The weather is 26 degrees celcius."
Hard not to jump to conclusions when there are tiny people playing in the yard.

Then a huge hare hopped through the yard and I could see that I should place the blame where it belongs.

Had I left open access to the compost, the rabbit would not have gone after my tulips.

Maybe next year.

Photo credit: Moiya Wood
"I am so glad I planted my bulbs last fall."
I really love cut flowers, the ones that can be grown in my yard.

Though I had previously decided not to do sweet peas this year, and it is late to be planting them, why not.

I will do better with them than with the tulips and the hare.



  1. I feel for you!! and we have planted sweet peas in June and still had success!! Good Luck and I love reading your

  2. First, thank you for reading, Kerri.

    And about the sweet peas, you know I bought 4 packages and then took them back and decided, no more growing sweet peas for me. Then I started worrying. Is this the first sign of growing old, when a person no longer does what has made them happy in the past? So I went back to the store and re-purchased the sweet peas.

    Now I was reading on some website that isn't peer reviewed that I should take a paring knife and split the skins of the seeds, so I was on the second package, doing this with my paring knife, when I looked more closely at the seeds, and the skins had already been slit.

    So I think all that has happened is that I damaged the first package and a half with my paring knife, all the while cussing under my breath about having read that.

    Moiya called me today to say that the clerk at the store told Moiya to freeze the seeds first and then they wouldn't need soaking. So one half of her house will have the soaked sweet peas, and the other half, the frozen and she is going to do an experiment about which works first.

    Today I went to prepare the soil to put the seeds in.

    I looked at my compost and thought, "I should prepare the soil with some of that compost." So I got busy sifting it through the grate after digging it out of the compost bin and would have finished the job had 2 lady missionaries and a woman from the ward not dropped by.

    I sat down and told them that they could ask me one burning question each. Then I would ask them each a burning question.

    Question #1 to me: Who lives upstairs in my house?

    Question #2 to me: Where do all of my kids live?

    Question #3 to me: What is the most spiritual manifestation you have had?

    I answered all of the questions.

    Then I asked mine back.

    Question #1: Name 5 Mormon feminists you have read or you know.

    Question #2 to the next woman: Name 5 Mormon feminists from early church history.

    Question #3 to the woman who had accompanied them from our ward: You know that the new policy says that children of gay couples are not to be baptised at the regular age of 8 years old. They can be baptized when they are 18, but only if they disavowed the sexual practise of their parents. My question is, whatever happened to the saying, "Suffer the children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God?"

    A long discussion ensued. Since I was out doing my sweet peas when they arrived at past 7 pm we just sat outside around the table until it got dark and they had to leave.

    Thus, I did not get my sweet peas planted today.

    I hope you are still reading, Kerri.


  3. A few days after the crazy-making policy was leaked, we had two sister missionaries at our house for dinner. And another friend of our from church. He and I were talking about the policy and the sisters were kind of off to the side not sure whether they were included in the conversation. I told them to join in. They were thoughtful. I wore a rainbow ribbon on my arm the first sunday after the leak. Was going to bring rainbow cookies, but I couldn't find 2 hours to make them.