Saturday, April 16, 2016

Roberto Devereux - Again

Sondra Radvanovsky as Elisabetta
and Matthew Polenzani as Roberto
Photo by Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera.
I met Kelvin at the opera this morning. Should there be an encore  of Roberto Devereux where you live, this is an opera not to be missed.

The singing by the four principals was exquisite.

 The costuming of the chorus was interesting, as was their placement on the sides of the action, as though they were an audience. The camera explored the orchestra pit in a new way. The imagery about time, life and death would have been a mystery to me if I had not read the reviews. Thank you New York Times, The Guardian and The Tribune.

There was assigned seating so I drove to the theatre yesterday, hoping to find some disabled seating.  There was none, so I selected a seat I thought would be comfortable for Kelvin.  When I went to pay for the tickets they were four dollars more than their regular price.  The ticket seller told me that the price of all of the other movies has gone down, but not the Met Series.  They have increased.

By the end of the performance I wasn't the least bit resentful of the extra money.

A joy to be able to go.

As we were waiting for the taxi to pick Kelvin up and take him back to Seton AgeCare, I asked him if he wanted to see Stratford's Hamlet next week.  He is all in.  Perhaps we will be sitting there with some of you, ie same performance, different cities.



  1. I am missing all of it. I just keep walking by Roman ruins wherever I walk. It is hard to build something new in Rome because everywhere one digs, there are more Roman ruins that have to stay there. Those ruins are subverting a new metro line.

  2. Just to hear you talking about walking around Rome brings back lots of memories. When I was there with you, we must have had a book of coupons where we could get money off of the admission price. I can remember seeing the Romulus and Remus sculpture that way. Even though I had seen it in books, seeing it in real life felt surreal. It was smaller than I had imagined, and just there with no one worshipping it, as I thought should happen.

    Too bad about the subway line being subverted. Do you remember the name of the theatre in London, where you can hear the subway line going past during the performance. Seems a strange mix -- modern technology and watching plays that are hundreds of years old.

    Take a drink out of one of the fountains for me. But don't throw any coins in the fountain. Spend those at the market to get more bang for your buck.