Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's all about method

I like a bargain.  Costco had a $1 saving on a 3 pound container of kiwis.

The package was in my cart before I really thought about how I was going to use them.

So here they are, now at home, and I have just been watching them on my counter.  I don't usually pick one up and peel it like I might an orange.  I had no imagination about what I was going to do.

I went to utube last night to see if there is a standard way to take the skin off.

Now I am armed with 3 ways to peel kiwi , since not only did I look at the videos, but I practised the methods.

The most interesting way was to cut the kiwi lengthwise and than to clasp the kiwi in my hand, run the kiwi down the glass so that the glass separated the skin from the meat, which just slipped down into the glass.  Though I am not comfortable with this method, it worked and given practise, it might be my preferred method when cutting kiwi up for a fruit salad.

Practising something like that is not my habit.  When teaching someone to crack eggs, a child for example, I will let them do a dozen for practise and then put the product into my bread or scramble eggs.  I can do the same.  It's not easy being green.

Kiwis are small.  I ate as I practised. Yum to 3 pounds of kiwi and only one person to eat it.



  1. Save no kiwis for me. I like the limes.

  2. Yummy!! we cut in half and eat it by scooping it out with a spoon from it's kiwi skin bowl. :)

  3. I am in for buying another clamshell of them and trying every method known to (wo)man. I have yet to call the outer coating a skin bowl, but you can bet your life I am going to use that term with Michael and Alice when we sit down to have a kiwi snack.