Monday, April 25, 2016

Loughheed House

Loughheed House
National Historic Site

the only piece of
Victorian Eclectic Style architecrtire
still standing in Western Canada
As a byproduct of seeing Kerri Singh's Urban Portraits Exhibition, Miranda and I took a look at the site of the exhibit: the Loughheed house.

Although this shouldn't be the first thing on the list of things to mention, I did say to her, "Don't tell Richard about all of the taxidermy here.  He would be in heaven to see it.  Somebody had to stay home with the kids. and he is the one who drew that straw.  Let us leave him ignorant that we have seen 3 elk heads, one massive moose head and an outstanding ram on the walls."

There were other features, less remarkable.

Real Limoge China that was used to entertain guests for one thing.

And the initials of Senator Lougheed had been etched in the glass doors -- each etching artistically different from the first.

The stained-glass windows of the house had the flora and fauna of Western Canada: birds, butterflies, a rabbit, maybe a fox.

Oak pillars were everywhere,in the front entrance and into the large receiving room, as was the ornate tapestry and moulding of that era.  Just everywhere.  I was straining my neck to look up at the cornices and crown moldings.

I tried to imagine myself holding a dinner party in the dining room of the house -- beautiful built-in cabinets and a long wide room.

The ballroom was downstairs.  Getting down was tricky.  In those days there wasn't railing everywhere.

Stunning Victorian carpets are on the floor where Kerri's exhibit is being shown.  An appropriate venue for a thought-provoking exhibition about urban Calgary.  The exhibit is on until May 1, 2016.


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