Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cleaning is Cleansing

There are some spaces that need yearly attention.

One of them is the space under the huge fir trees, the space that has traditionally held hammocks.

The two hammocks the grace that spot now come from Mountain Equipment Coop, single size, ultralight, top quality and ideal for backpacking.

Bonnie bought four of them.

There were used at the LaRue 50th Birthday party between the cherry trees.

Now they are being slung between taller trees and in darker spaces.

Richard says he is now on the outlook for the other style.

The kind that has two poles and the hammock is spread between the two poles.

That is the kind of hammock that is meant for two people.  These can hold three in a pinch, but for sleeping, one person is better.

If one hammock is good, four are better.

Just two more to put up and there is space for all under those spiring trees.

Sometimes cleaning under trees is cleansing.

"Hey, I'll get the branch that dropped off"
We have had spots at home that require multiple brooms, garbage cans, detol, bleach, hot water, mops, brooms and rakes.

But this day we were pulling out deadfall, loose branches, and twigs from the occasional wind storm that brings down limbs.

... the more hands, the less work ...
Bonnie and Richard used the old method of putting trash on a canvas and then pulling it down the hill.

This was not Richard’s preferred method, but Bonnie had it going up the gentle slope and down the hill while he was protesting.

Again, evidence that sometimes just doing it is the right thing.

... Alice and Betty find the best stick ever ...


 ... mimetic desire at work ...
Sticks are made for hitting, grabbing, poking, giving, withdrawing, and holding.

Sticks are made for drawing lines in dust, for poking into cracks, for gathering and for sharing.

Sticks can carry bugs, can poke at slugs and can be used to investigate the insides of dead animals.

Sticks are made for girls to play with.

And for boys.


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  1. The rule at Bastion Elementary is "sticks are for building'.