Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My favourite parts of the day

Marcia, Lissette, Rebecca, Arta, Tonia,
An amazing picture since Rebecca's selfie function is broken.
She has learned to take a selfie as though it is a regular picture.
Sorry to say this is the best take we could get in five shots.
Rebecca likes to ask what is the highlight of my very ordinary day.  Here the highlight is -- more than one, though.

1. The early morning walk was 5 women:  Marcia, Lisette, Tonia, Rebecca and me.  We did the full 10,000 steps in no time, for we were talking so much.  One of the interesting parts of the morning was Lisette's introduction.  We tried to do it the Secewepmec way, that is they don't tell where they are from, but who they are from.  So we know Lisette has a New Zealand father and a Belgian mother, and is one of four children.  I had to rethink how I am going to introduce myself when it is my turn to do introductions.

2. Our indigenous story of the day was Wolf and Little Leader.  It would go without saying that the highlight of the story is when we all get to howl like wolves.

3. I spent the afternoon on the beach, some of the time with Michelle Wood, some of the time holding Tanner Wood (Des's baby) on my lap, some of the time eating Moiya's home made pizza sticks, some of the time watching people tubbing.  Perhaps the most interesting grouping of people was 7 children right in front of me,  5 and under, playing in the same sandpile. They were squatting together, only inches apart.  "Is this normal," I asked Michelle.  She said no, this is the first time they have all needed to play in the same place at the same time.  Dave Wood said he is going to bring in another load of sand next year.  I counted 31 people in all on the beach.

4. The evening before we had gone to the beach and we were alone.   We had begun to change the course of the Little Canadian stream.  Tonight there were at least 21 people on what had been a deserted beach yesterday night.  Art came down with Gabe and Lisette's daughter for an evening fishing trip.  They came back with a rainbow trout and a kokanee.  A group were out riding in the tube, and then water skiing.  Duncan took the water board and paddled down to what he calls "the broccoli tree".    Alice spent some time walking along the top of a log.  Kalina sat under the transparent apple tree, picking apples and shinning them on her dress.

I was just a spectator to everything (except the wolf howl), and the whole day looked good to me.


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