Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walking Bernie Road

Marcia and I have a new starting time for walking in the morning: 8 am, a somewhat more genteel hour though our pace hasn’t changed. I have to get my heart beat up into an aerobic range. Marcia could probably go faster, but she slows down for me.

This morning I wanted to stop where Bernie Road meets the trans-Canada Highway and have a selfie.

That is because I wanted to show how smoke-filled the area over the water looks.

There is no sign of the hills that are usually seen there.

The gap there is white-filled – just smoke. No beautiful view. All summer this has been the scene. 


Such a surprise to see no view there.



  1. I should wear a hat and glasses too. It takes me 3 minutes from wake up to starting the walk, and it looks like it, LOL!

  2. I am not sure that the hat and the glasses improve my appearance on the walk. I have so much trouble getting out of the door with everything I must have in hand: water bottle, hat, bear bell, sun glasses, nitroglycerine spray, cell phone -- I need a truck to put everything in. Well, perhaps not a truck but I have been trying a back pack, a belly pack, a small leather pouch slung over my shoulder, a jacket with deep pockets. Nothing seems just perfect yet!