Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Green Bin

We have a new green bin to collect organic waste.  All I could find when I came home was thigh high weeds which I pulled so that at least a few of the nasturtium plants  could see light.  Miranda had put a holly hock by my door and it was in flower.  Still my eyes were on the weeds and when I leaned down to pull some weeds by the hops vine there was a little brown bunny cowering between the shovel, a two by four and the plant I was pulling.

I ran to get Michael and Alice.  When we returned the bunny had just gone to the other side of the driveway.  They chased it to the peony bush.  By now Pouria had driven up and he helped us in the chase, but the bunny hopped to the lilac bush and then under the back deck that belongs to Michael and Alice.  They chased it out under the lattice work and over to the raspberry bushes.

That is the point where I saw both Michael and Alice with carrots from the garden, coaxing the bunny by waving food its way and making clicking sounds with their tongues.  Alice was pulling out the skunk traps and getting them set, just in case the bunny would choose to run into one of those.

It ran out of their yard and into their back driveway, which shouldn't be called a driveway at all.  It houses the trailer that will soon take trash to the dump and all around the willows, and Russian thistles are reaching for the sun and nearly shoulder height.  Michael, bare-footed, stepped all around that area, trying to scare out the bunny.

Alice was calling out again and again, "Don't worry.  I am smart.  I can figure this out," and now waving two carrots.

I went back in the house and told Miranda I was sorry for the carrots were picked before I even knew it.  The children and I agreed to use only the food we had already picked to charm the baby rabbit out.

I am on my way to Shuswap in a few minutes.  But for a few moments that adventure drove me away from the gathering garbage and into the land of childhood where children and I can still catch bunnies and crows and cheeky black squirrels. 

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