Sunday, August 13, 2017


Like everyone else around here, my sleep pattern is off. But unlike everyone else, that doesn’t matter to me. Sleep now, or sleep later, it is all good. So at midnight when Duncan suggested a family game, I was able to stay awake, since I was just getting up from a nap.

 ...a quick 30 minutes game...
After seeing how many wonderful games there can be when Doral was here, Duncan went home and bought Splendor. I have played it before, but none of the rules stuck with me. I just recognized that there were some jewels on the table and that there was a way I could collect them. In fact, I could even own mines that extracted rubies.

The good thing about loosing in a game like this is the fact that I couldn’t have been loosing, since I was playing a different game than Rebecca and Duncan who were out collecting points.

I was just so thrilled to own diamond, onyx, emerald and ruby mines that at the end of the game.

If there is another midnight round of Splendor, I am in.


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