Sunday, August 13, 2017

Duncan’s Bionicals

Well loved but no longer used toys circulate in our family. The lake houses many toy collections. One or two box loads of toys is dolls, since I didn’t think these little girls had enough to play with. So I have been to the thrift store buying Barbies, baby dolls and doll clothes. I just take the dolls by the handfuls and then sort out which clothing fits what dolls when I get home. This is much easier than sewing doll clothes.

Tarix, the Bionical
On the bionicals side, we have all of Duncan’s old toys.

I sit down at the table and can sort by colour, getting some of the pieces into the general vicinity so that Michael can make some good choices and get these bigger models of Lego into some sort of order.

I am a good player at the table. I do what Michael says and we have wonderful wars with the guns, ships and aliens. I am defeated many times, which works for him.

Playing with the dolls is a different thing. The dolls can sing nursery rhymes, do modern dances, go to dance lessons, go shopping for the vegetables and sometimes there is a clothing exchange, which really means Alice takes the clothes off of the dolls and I try to put them back on. A thankless task and one that is not well received by her. Still, I try.

Concerning the dolls going shopping for food, on the doll list has been watermelon for quite a long time. I must tell Alice’s mother so that our fantasies can be realized.


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