Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Jarvis Vacation - The Last Supper

The Last Supper - at least in Iceland.

Here are the last photos in our vacation series. We have been home for 5 days, and there hasn't been a spare moment to sit down and write this last post. Sigh. When is the next vacation? I love vacation for the simple reason that I can sit and write, and take photos all day long if I want to.

The last supper in Iceland was of course FISH AND CHIPS. 


The restaurant is called Icelandic Fish and Chips and is right on the Reykyavik Harbour.

It only cost $150 dollars for 6 people and that is why it was the last supper - no one had any money left for food.

So the lesson learned here is that when you see an airline advertising a free stop over in Iceland, just remember that nothing is ever really free.

Hebe, Catherine and Catie
Eric, Tom and Rebecca
Before we ate our last supper we went to the Settlement Museum.

Hebe making a Viking stew
This might be the best museum I have ever been to, and I've been to a lot of museums so that is saying something.

This is a small museum built around an archeological site.

It takes only 1-2 hours to see the whole museum, so it is the perfect amount of time before one gets museum fatigue.

Additionally, they get kids.

They have so many interesting things for people of all ages.

Here were the highlights: A kids corner that occupied Hebe for more than one hour. Almost miraculous. Above, she is making a Viking stew.

 Getting ready to go to war.  Not sure I would want to fight this Viking.

 Hebe playing Fox and Lambs.   
I think I will try to recreate this old VIking Game at home.  The rules are below.  So much fun, and all you need are 14 rocks and a piece of cloth with the grid.  Thirteen rocks should be white and one should be black.  Hebe loved it.
Rules for Fox and Lambs
For the adults there was the archaeologic uncovering of a Viking Long House from AD 831 +/- 2 years. They know this from the layer of ash that covered the home following a volcanic eruption around 831 AD.

Eric sat at the museum computer reading up on Iceland and it's Viking history. He almost missed the museum because he was so interested in what he was discovering online.

Learning about the Viking Ruins. Wish I had known about this days earlier when I was trying to pronounce the various places we were visiting.

Where will our next adventure take us? Well for now back to Montreal to plan our next vacation.


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