Monday, November 19, 2012

A Photo of the Five of Us

Wyona took us off to have a group portrait picture taken.  Not just one but five.  There are five portrait stations, each with different background and so on a formal evening we went from photographer to photographer, each time being given a chance to win a photograph package from the ship – 10 pictures for $100, but free to the winner of the coupon.

Five of us stood the next day, waiting for the photography studio to make their draw.  The first number done was not present, and neither was the second.  The third number drawn won a video of the cruise.  The fourth number drawn was not present.  The fifth number drawn was not heard by any of us.  “Going, going, almost gone,” said the man in charge.  “What was that number again,” asked Wyona?  “That is your stateroom number Moiya!”  But Moiya’s name was not on the ticket.  Neither was Dave’s.  I am the joyous winner, and if anyone wants a free picture now, they have to have it taken with me, because what am I going to do with 10 if them?

We got dressed up last night for another formal picture – one taken with a white background, since Wyona, again, had checked where that photograph station was for last night.  So – when we got there, the poor photographer had been squashed into a space too small to accommodate 5 of us – and the rest of the space at the Solstice theatre was taken up by people sitting on chair, having neck massages.  I  could see that the furniture was appropriate, for I am trying to imagine getting the five of us onto a bear rug in karma sutra positions that we could eventually roll ourselves out of and into a massage chair.


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