Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shuswap Lake Photo Contest!

Shuswap by day
so... for my 50th birthday (coming up in September), Steve is going to give me a stained glass window. 

We have a half circle shaped window high in the wall in the big living room, and it is the one to be replaced with stained glass. 

The light glinting off the lake.
The plan is to have the window capture 'the lake'.  So... i am looking for photos of the lake to use as inspiration!  

All you shutter bugs out there... can you take a look through your photos and send examples that I can use as inspiration for my window?

Here are a few examples....Mary sent the one below, just for variety in terms of just WHAT angle would best capture the feeling of being at the lake.  :-)

Ah, sweet annual pig roast!


  1. I am slightly obsessed about taking pictures on the property so I will try to select only the best ones I have. Mmmmmm....

  2. What a grand idea -- a stained glass window. Bonnie Wyora made one many years ago. Are you looking for ideas for the window, or craftspeople to do the job. I had her creation in my front room window for many years.

    Can I add one comment. So, how weird is it to look at the screen for a place to sign in so I can work on the blog, and see only Arabic writing as my choices. Couldn't figure out which one said sign in.

    Duh! I knew I should have studied a foreign language.

    Have been out in Dhubai all day. Trust me, you do not want a picture of the verdure here. Every tree, every blade of grass has some kind of hose going to it, to sustain life.

    Yes, water ... the gift of life.

    Back to the subject of good photos, I wonder if Tonia will send you ones of lightening in the sky, crashing down to the earth over the houses.


  3. I want you to do a montage of images -- it might require more space than you have. Here are the things I want to see:

    -Shot of Xavier and Duncan from behind, walking through the forest, holding hands -- I think they were about 5 years old. Maybe only 4.

    -A CP train passing with the lake behind it.

    -The two cabin build by Doral Pilling

    -A group of people just hanging out enjoying eachothers company

    What a fabulous gift and fun project.