Monday, November 5, 2012

Archbrotherhood of the Sculola Grande of Saint Roch

When I got into the church the has the name, Archbrotherhood of the Sculola Grande of Saint Roch , all I could think of doing was laying down on the floor and looking up at the ceiling, for there was no other way to enjoy the beauty above me.  When Margaret Oldham brought me a very large mirror and pointed to its centre, I could see that the only way to see the ceiling was to walk around with the mirror in front of me pointing up and with me looking down into the mirror.

A sumptuous feast of colour and light.  Overwhelming, so many Tintoretto’s.  That is not to say that it is not possible to see all of this in books, but the magnificence of whole pieces of art, from the floor to the ceilings over two stories high.  That is what is awe-inspiring.  Margaret says over and over – “Tintoretto’s painting lifetime was only 30 years.  How did he get all of this done?”  The flow of the costuming and the grace of the figures doesn’t stop.  At one point today I stopped to say, “There must be a volume called “Every possible position from which to view a crucified body”, for we have seen it all.  Margaret said, “That work has been done.  We have it at home.  Peter has photographed them all.”

Margaret is a lot of fun to travel with.


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