Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breakfast in the Dining Room

Margaret said she likes to go to the dining room for breakfast.  It is a chance to be served.  The same morning food is in the buffet cafes on board, though not quite with the same style, for there you serve yourself.  Each day I look through the  menu for variations on Eggs Benedict – some days it is called Traditional Fair, the next day it may be called  Eggs Benedict Salmon. Yesterday I looked through that left hand side of the menu to find the eggs were gone.  In their place was the morning chocolate specialty: Chocolate Morning Delights.  I read hot chocolate, foamy rich chocolate milkshake, chocolate pancake, chocolate trifle, chocolate parfait and chocolate cherry trifle.  I ordered the last item.  A while later a waiter who was one-tier above the regular waiter came to ask me what I had ordered and I said again, cherry trifle.  When it came it was a chocolate milkshake.  What did I care, especially since everyone else at the table had to make comments about it – I suspect wishing they had the courage themselves to order chocolate for breakfast.  Then a third waiter came to check that the two waiters below him had delivered right item to me.  On telling him, no, I had ordered something different, he whisked it away before I had a chance to say – hold on there a minute, now I want both please.

I hate it when I can’t talk fast enough for these waiters


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