Thursday, November 8, 2012

Through a Different Lens

I get to see the ship through a different lens, travelling with David and Moiya.  David is busying looking at the ship’s plumbing, telling Moiya and me that the reason we hear ghost flushing is because we are on the cruise’s mainline.  Today he went to the lecture called Senior Officer Profile.  He came away from it asking this question when the lecture was over: how do you deal with death when it occurs on the ship? “I didn’t want to ask in front of all of these old people.”  And so the officer took Dave aside and told him and David shared it with me.  How lucky am I? 

Now I asked him why he doesn’t come and exercise with Moiya and me in the morning.  He said he doesn’t like that, but if they would let him come in and fix the treadmill that I was complaining about squeaks, then he would come along.  I told Dave I couldn’t arrange that. If we are watching a production show in the evening – fantastic song and dance on the stage, while I am busy learning new lyrics, Dave is watching the way the strobe lights work or checking out the sound system. 

Moiya was afraid Dave wouldn’t have enough to do on the ship.  Today he said to me, when I asked him if he was coming to the Captain’s Club Event, “Let me check my busy schedule,” and then he pulled out “The Solstice Today” to see if he could fit a way to fit a gourmet lunch event into the other 84 possible choices for him.

Dave does take cat naps but he is allowed, since he wakes long before Moiya and me.  He does occasionally go to sleep in long lectures, but long after Moiya and I have closed down for the day he is out watching the party band until 12:30 pm or seeing the last-night show. How is that for a guy whose wife was worried that he would run out of things to do.

Moiya and I keep trying to work out in the ship’s gym.  But she and I part during the sea days, for she likes to sit by the pool in the warm sun with a swimming suit on, dipping into the cool water whenever she gets too hot.  She likes the shows in the evening. Last night she closed down at 10:45 pm.  I go on alone to another late night show.

Today I have been checking out the possibility of running multiple sets of entertainment after dinner, solo: listening to a barbership quartet, watching Kaitlyn Carr in Celtic dance and song, hanging out a the Late Night Comedy Show; then catching the late night feature film, Take Me Home. The one thing I can’t find on the ship is popcorn; I hope I can hold out at the movies without it.


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