Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Split, Croatia

Split is on a small peninsula in southern Croatia, on the eastern slopes of the Adriatic Sea.  That is where the six of us ate our last meal on the lovely Independence of the Seas. Margaret and I spent the day checking out the Roman Palace erected by the Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century – what was then an imperial palace is now an intriguing maze of narrow cobblestone streets.  The palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Split is famous for the frescoes, pulpit, and Romanesque carvings.  Margaret and I walked the main streets and the back streets, she with her map in hand, until we had identified all of the sites it marked as being interesting to tourists.  Sometimes to find those places, it was easier to follow other tour groups, than to read our map.  Though in the end, we became familiar with the whole town – one that Greg said tonight at supper, he would be glad to go back to.  So many interesting back streets, and he still has the hill to climb to the castle.


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