Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Wyona,

October 27, 2012

Even Captain Bodros of the Solstice was arranging was arranging events to Wyona’s birthday – how about pre-dinner drinks in the Skyview Lounge for 1,200 of her fellow travellers.  Dress? Formal.  As well the captain delivered roses to the rooms of all of her fellow elite travellers.  Greg topped the floral tribute up with a bouquet of his own to her.  That is class!  The five of us toasted her health with our soft drinks, viewed the edge of the African coast from the lounge’s 14th floor windows, watched the five frigates also travelling the same waters as we, and then the five of us went off to dinner.

From there things went a little downhill.  She didn’t order the Crispy Frogs Legs that were on the menu, but did talk about her sorrow as a child, when she overheard Doral calling the city about the basement that was half full of water down in the valley, telling them it had to be filled in for he had a little girl who who didn’t know how dangerous it was and so was at the edge of its banks catching frogs all of the time.  That is the moment she thought her dad was the meanest man in the world.  Moiya ordered the corn soup because she could remember Doral pulling her over close to him as they sat and ate their supper of creamed corn on toast. 

Greg could join in the trip down memory lane, saying he wasn’t past eating a bowl of bread and milk topped with salt and pepper with Doral when he lived at 1235 16 A St. N.W.  We hurried off to the theatre where before the performance began, champagne flowed again to all of the guests, compliments of the captain.

Hard to think of a better 68th birthday than that one for her.


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