Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elegant High Tea

October 30, 2012

There is status everywhere.  Even on a boat.  Wyona said that on the last cruise, high tea was only served to the Brits.  On this cruise there was an invitation to Elegant High Tea sent out to only those who have cruised 81 days or more.  I don’t count the days.  But the cruise ship does, so an invitation came to my mail box and I met Greg and Wyona there. One woman there had done it all – even to the broad brimmed hat and long white gloves.  It was enough to have the tea bags come around in a polished mahogany box, and to have the sweet fruited scone put on my plate and a waiter hovering over my plate to add a layer of strawberries, whipped cream, and perhaps some vanilla sauce.  I wondered where I had seen that before.  Maybe last summer, someone hovering over their pancakes.  We laughed as we took the assorted petits-fours and passed on others.  High tea is good, elegant high tea is also good.  One per cruise, please.


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