Friday, November 30, 2012

December’s The Met Live in HD

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
La Clemenza di Tito
For me, December is the best time of the year for going to the "theatre holiday celebrations" in Calgary.   If you live elsewhere look for a theatre near you for these productions.

La Clemenza di Tito, LIVE  -- Saturday December 1/12 @ 10:55am

UnBalo in Maschera, LIVE --  Saturday December 8/12 @ 10:55am

Aida, LIVE December 15/12 @ 10:55am

December also brings to the Scotiabank Chinook the following:

Jesus Christ Superstar
, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera sensation, Sunday December 2/12 @ 12:55pm and then again Wednesday December 5/12 @ 7:00pm. This production stars Ben Forster as Jesus, Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot, and Melanie Chisholm (aka Mel C from the Spice Girls) as Mary Magdalene.  If you can't get to the show, you can at least enjoy the review.

The Nutcracker
from the Royal Ballet, Thursday December 13/12 @ 7:30pm and Saturday December 22/12 @ 12:55pm 



  1. i am excited for this one. It is a totally modern looking restaging, but should be fun. Believe it or not, though Steve grew up with the record, he has never seen even the MOVIE version! so...we will go as a family (as one of our 'Christmas season events!" :-)

  2. I took a look at a few u-tube clips of the 2012 Toronto / Broadway Version and was surprised that I wasn't understanding all of the lyrics. Of course, there was so much costuming, dancing and movement that it was hard to concentrate on just one thing -- for example, how over the top was Herod's red velvet suit and then him doing hand flips in the middle of the song.

    I went out this morning to refresh my mind on the lyrics of some of the songs -- oh thank you dear Wikipedia for always being there. I was peripherally thinking about the 1940's and '50's and how many families invested in home encyclopaedia. Now we just go to the internet for quick answers and I was out there looking up the lyrics for some of the songs, so I won't have to miss the words while I am being overwhelmed with all of the theatrics.

    Do you remember the film concept of reflexivity? Refreshing your mind -- "in cinema, a reflexive film employs cinematic devices that make its audience aware of the fact that they are watching a film".

    Well, watching when you go -- in the background there is a big screen, giving close-ups of what is going on upon the stage. How post-modern is that, since we are going to be watching a film of the theatre which is employing filmic devices in the background!

    I probably won't be able to stop myself from commenting on the film, once I have seen it again. It must have been back in the '70's when the movie with the same name came out and I first went -- passing by the protesters outside of the theatre, protesting the film's method of dealing with its religious content.

    If you saw the film then, Rebecca, that now makes you privy to the olden days.