Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flat David at the Jardin du Luxemourg

Flat David unfold himself in "le jar din".
Flat David came to the museum with us today.

After we had supper at a local French cafe we walked him across the bridge and watched the tour boats go underneath.

Bonnie looked at all of the locks on the side of the bridge, left there by couples as a sign of their undying love.

There was even someone selling locks on the bridge.

I tried to get Bonnie to buy a lock so that the three of us could put a lock on the bridge.

 She just thought that was dumb.
Grandma holding Flat David's hand so he won't blow away

I was looking at the different styles of locks.

Some people had ribbons on the locks.  Some people show how much they thought of their partner buy buying big locks, instead of small ones.

Someone had written on the lock, "Will you marry me, Laura."

The woman must have said yes, for the lock was secured to the grate of the bridge.  If she had said no, I am guessing he would have taken it home and tried to find another girlfriend by that name.

I was wondering what happened to all of the keys for the locks.  Maybe they were thrown in the Seine  to cement people's feelings for each other.
Darkening skies and Lourvre in background
David and his mom i the foreground

Thank you for coming to Paris with us, Flat David.

 Did you know you were also in Spain with Rebecca at a conference.

You are really getting around the world.  While Rebecca was taking your pictures, some tourists stopped to ask what we were doing.  Bonnie had to explain to them that you are travelling with us.



  1. I have never seen David look better. David could be your interpreter.

  2. I can just smell the blossoms on the tree behind you. Crab apple?

  3. We had a long discussion about the blossoms we are seeing. We discuss but we don't know what we are talking about. Rebecca claims that the blossoms are not cherry blossoms, at least not like the cherry blossoms we have in B.C. She says they are blossoms like the ones in Washington D.C. Blossoms but no fruit. That doesn't make sense to me. What do I know.

    We were back walking through the gardens again today and looked at these same purple trees. The gardens were beautiful along the Champs d' Elysee where we walked today. The tulips are in full bloom. The irises are just beginning to come out We sat on green metal chairs at a large pool, watched the large fish swim in the pool and ate our oranges before walking the length of the garden. Rebecca laughed at the dust on our shoes and the bottoms of our pants legs. I guess we will be taking some of that home with us.