Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pompidou, the second time

going up the escalator at the Pompidou Centre

View of the Eiffel Tower from top of Pompidou
Multiple Modernities -- 1920 to 1970. That is the overarching theme of the art we saw in the Pompidou yesterday. Now on the fourth day of museums, I rely wholly on the audio guide for information. I rely on the icon on the wall to tell me where to stop next. There is a sense of loss in not being able to look at everything.

I stop by film again. First Manhatta, a poem that was the text for experimental film in 1928. Now it has been digitized and is there for all of us to see. As well, there are many references to Josephine Baker in other pieces of artwork. She is even there in a film which is being projected on the wall beside a 3-D artwork of wire, also in her image. Rebecca stops to join me and watch.

5th Floor of the Pompidou with the Sunset.
This is the second evening we have been there just as the sun is setting. Our view of the Eiffel Tower is always challenged by the cranes in the air, though used for building, now looking like they are there to hold the tower up. We stay on the same floor of the museum together.

Bonnie and Rebecca have picked up their old tradition of choosing from a wall, which of the pictures they could have if cost were no restriction and they could take home anything in the room that they wish -- though they limit themselves to one choice. Bonnie wants to make a run for it with the Miro, Rebecca the Klee.

We had walked around Notre Dame in the morning. Rebecca is skilled with the iPAD, at any moment showing us where we are, either on the Isle or ready to cross is. Behind me I can hear her like the voice that one hears in a car … turn right at the next intersection, only this time the voice is not impersonal, but one I know.

I hear them planning the day today, now that we don't have to use up those museum passes. I like the fact that they plan more than anyone could do in a day, and then at the end of the evening, they are thrilled if they have managed to get in at least the top choices on their lists.

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