Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lake Lists

.. a daffodil in a half weeded garden ...
One of the techniques Bonnie uses in her work with her clients at the Interior B.C. Health Clinic is making agenda’s visible on paper. She uses the strategy with her clients and in her own life.

I tried to do it with my gardening, so she could tell what I am doing out in the yard. And of course, I want to know what my top priorities are, too. On this visit I haven’t seen her long enough to show her that list. But I have returned to it again and again, because I need help with seeing the bigger picture. I am inclined to find a small bed of daffodils and weed it until there is not one piece of quack grass left in the earth.

I have some new strawberry plants from Marla Bjornson. Last night, just as the day was ending, I decided to weed a spot for them. No matter how many times I dug in the earth, I was still turning over clumps of rich organic soil full of quack grass roots. The sun was setting. I kept digging. Soon the roots were all I could see – those long white strips twisted into the rich black earth.

... early morning cloud cover ...
This kind of detail doesn’t work for a yard where a stream has just gone out of control and there are now piles of gravel that have come out of the culvert and now need to be carted away. That is my job this morning. I got half of it done two days ago. Now I must go back and finish the job.

 I have a pair of black rubber calf-high boots that I use to go into the stream ... and other places. I have been wearing them, but notice that I should have done as Glen suggested – buy a pair one size larger than I need. Of course, I bought my boots before he gave me the suggestion. Canadian Tire will get another visit from me because these boots that fit just right in the store are a little tight when I wear them all day. The upside of boots that are too large is that they are easy to slip on and off. As well, they don’t hug the foot and make bruises when you wear them for a long time. The down size of boots that are too big is ... they don’t quite fit.  Why not!

That is what double socks are for.



  1. I made it to Ottawa. I got lots of play time with Brooks cousins. They picked me up at the airport and the Hubba Bubba gum I picked up soon filled their cheeks. Now, they are trying to wind down for the night. They are still full of enough energy to finish weeding that tulip bed.

  2. Your pics are beautiful. The lake is beautiful. Our friends at the lake are wonderful. What a glorious place to live! Doral and Wyora are right again.