Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Lucky Phone Call

fig and fennel bread -- doubled there were two (large) loaves
I know for sure at least one person is  checking the Larch Kitchens food blog.

For example, the country seed bread recipe has been up there for months. Yesterday Rebecca called to say,"Hey,there must be a mistake on the blog. No water in the recipe and I need to make country seed bread today."

Lucky for her that my binder of bread recipes was on the counter at that time.

... I took out the first fig with the first bite ...
They were there as I was busy making fig and fennel bread -- something Mary taught me to do in Ottawa.

There is nothing like having an ingredient  in the house that has been purchased out of the half price bin to put a cook to work.

 "I don't know why I bought these figs except that they were half price."

The recipe names the other secret ingredient: fennel.

It doesn't name the third ingredient -- 4 tsp of rosemary.


The internet always provides a way to use mystery ingredients.

... the sky is blue ... the water is clear ... the wind is just right ...
... better to sail than to cook ...
The bread was so good that I began to buy packages of figs even when they weren't half price.

Mary likes to cook.

She also likes to sail.


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  1. I may have to take down the photos of the bread. Every time I look at them I start to salivate. I can smell the fennel. I can remember how after eating a slice, about 40 minutes later I would wonder why I was no longer craving junk food or a diet coke. Mmm. Fig and Fennel Bread.