Thursday, April 17, 2014

Roots and Blues Teaser


I got an email advertizing the 22 Annual Roots and Blues Festival.  How fun to find myself at 3:03 and 6:15 on it.  Check it out.  I was wearing a pink hat and though it looks like I wasn't having much fun, I am sure my toes were tapping.

See you there next year!



  1. Well done Arta! Reasons to wear a great hat. Will see if I can plan my trip this year to take in the festival!

  2. You are a festival planner, volunteer, and patron. Would love to hang out with you at the Roots and Blues Stage, since I can't seem to tear myself away from that area. I like it better than the evening performances. I like the intimacy of the small morning and afternoon crowd -- but having never been in a Moshe pit, I should hold judgement about the fun of the evening performances.

    I studied the picture for a while, which meant rewinding it a number of times, since I am gone in a glimpse. I was worried when I saw the picture, that I wasn't having fun. But then I remembered -- yes, I was in roots and blues heaven as I was sitting there listening to the music.

    The Festival sends regular updates to my email -- small utube videos of who will be playing at this year's festival. I am enjoying them immensely. I watch several times, actually. And I noticed that their outreach programme has extended to an event in Salmon Arm next week. A film and some live jazz. The price? Pay-what-you-can. How cool is that.

    Will bring out the same hat next year. There is so much shade from the brim that I don't need an umbrella. Glen told me that I should do as others do ... and set up an umbrella for the day ... in the back, behind all of the low chairs. A good idea. Will have to think about it.