Tuesday, April 29, 2014


From Mary:

The strawberries you are planting will be delicious. Every time I think of strawberries and the lake, I think of Doral Pilling. This is why.

One year I was at the lake alone early in the spring. Every morning I would go for a long jog around the property. I got to know where all the wild strawberries were because I would see their tiny white flowers. By the time they were ready to eat, there were a lot of people at the lake. I spent an hour gathering those tiny little berries one morning. Each one was about half the size of your pinky finger nail. In an hour I managed to gather a half a cup. I took them back to the cottage and shared a few with Arta and Moiya (they probably won’t remember this).

The strawberries were amazing – like a little bite of sunshine. I remember Arta saying, “If Doral were here he would put just a little cream on these. He always said, anything that is good, is better with cream.”

My other “strawberries and the lake” memory is countless breakfasts of pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I feel like that’s what we had every single morning, of every summer. Oh, sometimes the parents might swap out the strawberries for blanched, sliced, fresh peaches.

I am absolutely sure this happened every single morning.



  1. I can remember finding those wild strawberries as a little girl. They seemed to be much bigger berries when I was smaller.

  2. The memories might tell you that this was breakfast every morning. However, in this new day and age, at our house anyway, the waffles, fruit and whipped cream are usually on the lunch menu and certainly not every day. But soooo delicious when they are there.