Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vegetables and Fruit

We have a one person kitchen in our flat.

Well, two can fit in, but cannot pass each other, which pretty well makes their presence useless.

Bonnie can make a fine 6 1/2 minute hard boiled egg in the morning so Rebecca and I turn that job right over to her.

A red pepper half the size of the milk jug in height.
We sit and eat our eggs in the Paris morning sun and plan the day together.

Rebecca is a master shopper in the grocery store. To the cart she can add sharp Italian olives, tender green endive, the exotic cheeses, blood oranges, black Heritage tomatoes, lox, and a fresh baguette without wasting any time in the other isles.

Bonnie has been longing for a visit to a Leonidas chocolate shop. She has been snacking on baby carrots all day, saving up her calories for the evening. The reward for healthy eating should always come in the form of sugar and fat.

I am afraid the chocolate is just not going to happen.

Both last night and tonight we arrived back at the major intersection near our house when the shops have been closing down, and the chocolate shop is among the first to turn out their lights. We just go to the darkened window and stare in. Bonnie takes a deep sniff and swears she can smell the chocolate through the frame of the door.



  1. I know you will make it to the chocolate shop. Bring me back some. Seriously. I want the Alexandre le Grands -- they are flat squares filled with liquidy caramel. I want them in dark and light. A whole box. :-) Oh, and some others too. Pas de marzipan.

  2. We are having trouble getting to a chocolate shop. A proper one. That doesn't mean that Rebecca and Bonnie weren't eating chocolate last night, but it was bar chocolate which doesn't count when you are in Paris.

    We are coming home too late, Mary. The shops are closed.