Monday, April 21, 2014

What We Didn’t Do

Not to seem ungrateful, but when I look back on a holiday, there is always something I wish I had done. Perhaps that is the nature of the human spirit. Just wishing I had worked a little harder to have made an event happen. I asked Bonnie and Rebecca if they had such moments. Yes. Rebecca wished she had bought something to remind her of the trip. Just a small memento. I saw her finger an inexpensive replica of the Eiffel tower. She didn’t buy it ... looking for the perfect one, I guess. Later I saw many such mementos and wondered if she had looked at them as well. Replicas of the Eiffel Tower on key rings, platters, t-shirts, scarves, and mugs. I saw pieces of pasta which would have been fun, and the piece de resistance – for 40 Euro, a 12 inch high replica, the tower in psychedelic pink and complete with red, yellow and green LED flashing lights. Ah well, there will be other trips to Paris.

On Rebecca's  list would also have been a concert at Sainte Chapelle. The Four Seasons. That is what they were playing that evening. We had checked it out, were in the vicinity and had plans to go, but had worn ourselves out with walking along the Seine. Planning for such a concert would also mean having an afternoon nap for me. Barring that, I am always willing and able to sleep through performances.

Bonnie wanted to go to an opera. One at the Paris Opera House.  We looked at the schedule of events. This was not a perfect match. Nothing was playing. But as we walked through Sacre Coeur the next day, the 4 pm Sunday service began. We sat on the side pews and listened to the glorious sound of the organ and the choir, the notes ringing up into the ceiling and around the side chapels. Maybe not an opera, but a close second.

The only thing I would have liked to have changed?

Linger longer at the scarf markets.

Maybe next time.


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