Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flat David in Paris

Fueling up before heading into the Louve.
Offering Flat David a bite of an apple.
Flat David in front of the entrance to the Louve.
The Louve was closed yesterday. The four of us (Rebecca, Arta, Bonnie and Flat David) planned to spend a long day there. We packed snacks with us and hurried off on the bus.

It was a sunny day, so the lines were not long. People were lounging outside the Louve enjoying sunning by the pools around the entrance. We snapped a few photos, had a quick snack, and headed inside.

Our audio guide explained that the Louve was originally a fortress built on the right of the Seine, near where the rich people lived. We got to walk down in the basement around in what used to be the moat.

We spent most of our time today in the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Antiquities. Our audio guide was on a Nintendo 3-DS. We could hear about statues, see a map of the region the statue came from, and a timeline of when the work was created all at the same time. It was wonderful to have all that information at our finger tips.

The audio guide had a GPS so it could just figure out where we were and either give us information about the room or offer to help us find our way from that location to where ever we wanted to go next.

We stuck pretty close together, because the museum is huge and we knew we wouldn't find each other easily if we got separated. We stayed so long, the docents formed a line (like riot guards) and walked forward moving us to the exit through "gentle persuasion". I wonder if they will recognize us when we get back there next.


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  1. Oh, such fun spending time in the Louvre. I really like the ear phone guides better than a person guide. When Greg and I were in Paris during 1969-70, Thursday was a free day at the Louvre. So I think we went every Thursday to the Louvre.
    While you are walking up Edgar Quinet...the street, could you please stop into the Edgar Quinet hotel and the little hotel next to it that is not on the internet and get a card for both places. Does my favourite hotel have the 'Complet' sign on it all the time?
    The view from you window is fabulous. No place better in the world to buy stinky cheese than Paris.