Friday, April 18, 2014

The Good Friday Tea Party

tea party dishes compliments of Grandma Kathy Jarvis
The Mary and Leo Family went down to visit the Catherine and Eric Family for the week-end.

Before leaving for Montreal, Mary and Rhiannon went to their community Easter Egg Hunt where there was face painting.

Although you can't see it in the picture, Rhiannon has whiskers and the nose of a bunny.

Hebe was enthralled at Rhiannon's look and did her own face painting.

The green nose she applied to herself is the result of a green felt tipped marker.

It worked for her.
... more than just a tea party -- a time to rejoice ... a cousin party!

Their double-family week-end is packed with events.  Tonight is the live streamed broadcast of the tabernacle choir singing Handel's Messiah.

Catherine and Catie are both performiing in a stake musical festival -- Catie on her tuba.

Happy musical Easter to all.


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