Saturday, April 5, 2014

On Holidays

... cold and happy ...

On the trip to the penguin rookery, we have to you that we sat outside, on top of the catamaran, which holds 250 people.  Two hundred and forty of them were inside.  A hearty young German man who couldn’t speak English was outside.  Another man who was explaining something about Bountiful, Utah to a stranger who had asked him a question about it.  And another man, distinguished look, quiet, with an expensive camera sat across from us, but he was mostly looking in the same direction that we were looking.

We all opted to be out on the deck, rather than inside drinking hot chocolate and visiting with other tourists.  Just as we were to arrive at the viewing spot people came outside.  A woman came up to the man across from us and said, “Could you please move over so my friend and I could have this spot.”  He moved over.  I could see Wyona start to seethe.  And she gave me a poke in case I hadn’t noticed what was going on.  I went into my curious mode and thought, “Mmm, she is out here without any coat.  I wonder how long she can take the bitter wind that is brisker now because of the speed of the boat.”  I was even wondering if she would get pneumonia or bronchitis.

... so close, so close to the penguins ...
When everyone went back inside and the lonely but happy 10 of us were on top again and alone, Wyona leaned over to him and said, “You are so polite.  You are like my husband.  I watched what happened and I couldn’t believe it.  I wouldn't have given up my seat.”

He replied, “I didn’t want to confront her on this. You see,  I am on holidays.”  He smiled and went back to his camera, snapping pictures again.

Wyona and I have thought about this a lot.  

 And used his phrase a lot.   

Something untoward happens and one of us will say to the another, “we are on holidays”.   

A good way to live...for me.



  1. Yes, he said "I am on vacation". It helps me to repeat that to myself in times of stress.

  2. We were as cold on that trip as we look. Freezing cold!