Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Birthday Connections

Hannah Pilling and I share a birth date:  October 11. 

Half a century apart. Time span connected by loving family and loving the Lake.  

What did you do for your birthday, Hannah? Did anything make you laugh? Did anything surprise you?  Here are a few of the things that made me smile, laugh, or just have my eyes and mouth wide open in wonder. Octoberish day at one of my favourite places ... 

... the dream of going to Boston Pizza ...

two tickets to a clarinet performance
each ticket admits only one

Joaquim, David Doral, Bonnie Wyora

celebrating at the Drum Park


  1. Hi Arta. Your captions on David's birthday card reveal that you really get it. You could read the subtext of the card. Few will know, as you understand, what a miracle that card represents to me.

    You were there at the beginning of the stick figure. The stick figure as a route to printing. The stick figure as a route to written expression.

    It's all truly a miracle.

  2. I wanted to know what park David is at. My best guess was on in Sicamous, but then that didn't make sense. So where is that park? The place he is hoping over cylinders.

    As well, what is the title of the piece David played for the concert. I wouldn't mind the composer's name as well.

    Concerning stick figures. I am still not every good with them, though I continue to practise stick figures, both human and animal.

    1. When you are in Salmon Arm next, perhaps you too would like to visit the Drum park beside the Salmon Arm campus of Okanagan Community College.

      Maybe David will give you a outdoor concert there.

      One of the pieces he played for me was composed by
      John Williams. Jon Burlingame said of the composer, “John Williams has made our movie more adventurous and gripping than I ever thought possible.” Rarely have six basses, eight celli, four trombones and a tuba held more power over listeners. Especially in a movie theater. Aug 14, 2012"

      Can you guess the movie?

  3. Joaquim, Dave and you all look happy in the picture. Was this a selfie or did you get some help with it?

    1. That is a selfie. It was indeed a happy moment for the three of us. We were trying to capture us and the warning on the sign about the possible side effects of drumming.


      As the project intended to inspire, Together, Relaxed, Unplugged, Exploring - TRUE.

  4. One other person has this birthday. Kindal Robertson. So there were 3 birthday cakes on October 11th.

  5. I cannot guess the movie. Can you give me a hint? A hint so blatant that I will be able to get it on the first try? About the name of a movie? The only one I seem to be able to remember, is the last one that I saw.

  6. David? I don't know if you are still reading, but I have the answer for you about what movie has all of those instruments.


    Smart grandmother. I got the answer, even if I haven't ever seen the movie.