Monday, October 9, 2017


Our thanksgiving dinner was held Sunday evening.  Joan brought the meal to Miranda's house.  I looked at my plate when it was filled:  turkey, dressing, gravy, turnips, squash, cabbage salad (from a 200 year old recipe, great-grandmother Joan said).  There were cranberries, hallah bread (compliments of Amir).  I forgot the potatoes, but there was still room on my plate to tuck a spoonfull of them by the meat.  No room to make a well and fill it with gravy, though.

Then the thanks around the table. 

Richard took mine -- the gift of reading.  I had to switch and say that the joy of waking up every morning is my biggest pleasure.  Michael's gratefulness was centred around electronics.  Alice couldn't think of anything -- not in the category of food, friends at play school, cousins and family.  She just couldn't get from the general to the particular to make a statement.  Betty spent the meal nestled on her mother's chest.  This couldn't have been that comfortable for Miranda.

Still.   A good time was had by all.  I tried to gather all of the people who were there in my mind and hope that there will be many more events where we share this kind of happiness.


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