Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Volleyball Season Begins

... a long shot of Gabe ...
Gabe Treleaven started high school this year.  

He goes to Central, which is a bit of a hike from his home.  

It takes him over an hour to get there on the bus.  

Gabe tried out for the volleyball team.  

He got on.  

Only 6 people tried out.  

They had to put out another call for players.

Today I got a note from Marcia.

She said:
You should've come to Gabe's volleyball game at Bowness. 
Darla and Don Robertson were there as Kirby's son is on the Bowness team.  
... the opposition have 20 + fans ...
Bowness High School is Art's alma matter. 
Twenty people sat on one side of the gym. 
I was alone on the other side. 
Next time we could use more supporters. 
It's only me on this side.
Marcia won't have to ask me twice to attend. 

I love going to high school games.


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  1. What is Gabes schedule? Is Marcia open to streaming the next game live? David and I would love to Skype in if she has access to free wifi.