Monday, March 7, 2011

The Candy Finish

Rebecca took over from Catie who had to go to her piano lesson.

She is the one who wanted candy for this evening, for she was in charge of the family home evening treat.

Last week we tried to make candy, but there was no candy paddle here, so I brought back a nice one that Leo made for Mary.

We decided on four flavours: fudge for last week when we didn't get the candy made, mint-chocolate, maple candy for Eric, and a fruit flavour -- lemon because we had no limes.

No one here has had much experience yet.

So there were plenty of moments of surprise.

The candy can be lifted high and dropped, as they do for show in the windows of candy shops.

Rebecca was the one who was beating the candy when it turned.

She was not the least bit shy to get her hands into the turned fondant and knead it to keep it smooth.

I thought she had done it for years, for she was pushing it down and flipping it over to get it smooth.
Thomas had been busy with his D.S.

When he saw what was going on, he came over to the counter to take a try.

I don't know who remembers doing this from the past, but it is hard work, especially to know how to get that paddle to move up to the wall and then back again, but not far enough that there is candy on the floor.
Hard to believe that we made two batches -- four cups each.

And in between those I threw on a pot of caramels.

Catherine reached over to put groceries away and question, "Have you already gone through one quart of cream?"
What could I say.

Candy is only butter, sugar and cream and we had done three batches.

Thomas isn't bad at beating.

There may be a candy store in town just waiting to give them part-time work.


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