Monday, March 7, 2011

The Candy Start

Piano lessons were interspersed with beating candy today.

Catie was in the kitchen when the first batch was ready.

When the fondant pours out of the pan and all over the counter, there is a sense that it will run to the floor.

Which of course it will, unless someone with a candy paddle gets busy with it.

This was the first time the Jarvis kids have beat candy, though they have two grandmothers who had made pounds and pounds of it for others.

I find it rewarding when someone picks up the paddle and holds it like a pro, especially when that person is related to me.

Old time candy makers will look at the consistency of the cooled product that is now on the counter.

What you are seeing here is the first batch, the one that takes a long time.

On the way home we were talking about who likes candy, and learned the Eric likes home-made fudge and will buy it whenever he sees it on sale.

So we proceeded to buy a couple of quarts of cream and enough sugar to make candy today.


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