Saturday, June 4, 2016


Glen brought me over a the beginning of a climbing vine.
He told me to have patience, that it would grow.
That was many years ago,.
I didn't have much patience.
Still, every year I weeded, watered and tended that plant
I want to be in two places at once.

I am asking the impossible.

I should be happy to be in one place at a time.

... digging around the base of the vine ...
... lifting the earth up ...
... pulling out the weeds ...

In B.C. I spent most of my time last week with a shovel and a pitch fork, trying to get the weeds out of the raspberries vines and separating the peony bushes from other plants that love the rich earth they are planted in.

There is a joy in cleaning around the base of the lily plants.

When I drive into Sicamous there is a house at the end of the T the leads either to the channel, or if you go the other way, to Askews.

At that T is a length of lilies as long as the yard on which the house sits.

Now I have some of those lilies by the side of my house and can hardly wait until they grow as tall as the bushes I have always admired.
Now the vine has grown
enough to have caught onto
the pole and begun to climb.

As Glen said, "Be patient, it will grow."

Lately I read one of those sayings that are meant to change people's lives, or at least comment on them.

This one said something like, "I don't want to spend my old age gardening."

What, I thought?


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  1. Hurry, get back to the lake Arta...the weeds are growing.