Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The price of a movie ticket

Erva, Lorne, Mary and Doral
Sorting through old pictures is a lovely way to spend the evening.

Look at the big bow in Erva's ringleted hair, her white bolero, the long stemmed rose in her lap, and the lace on the underskirt of her dress.  Both boys have their hair slicked back and Doral is wearing knickers.  Mary has her hand on her hip,and a bracelet on the arm that is nestled inside of Doral's elbow.  Doral is sitting on a chair that has been turned backwards. Both boys have on ties, and the girls are wearing white, long stockings.

I was also looking at some written text about this family, and reading their mother saying about the two boys, "Lorne will pay 25 cents and sit in the back of the theatre, but Doral won't go unless he has a good seat".

My love of my pocket book is like Lorne's and my desire is like Doral's.


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  1. Mary is sassy as ever. That is a fantastic picture. I could recognize all of them. Family picture days are nightmare days. Lurene just did one with her family.